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For Optimal Wellness Apply a Pro-Active Approach with These Tips

March 1, 2015

I get frustrated sometimes when people want  instant results from working out and eating right. Wellness doesn’t just happen overnight – you  have to work at it over time. It requires that you take a pro-active approach to health on a consistent basis. Eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, sleeping adequately all necessitate forethought, planning and follow-through. Here are some tips to help you:

Tips for Pro-Active Eating

– Pack a nutritious, energizing lunch (and snacks) for work.

– Keep healthful snacks and bottled water in a cooler in your car (small bags of unsalted almonds or walnuts); hardboiled eggs; apples).

-look up restaurant menus on-line before dining out so you can plan the most healthful choice ahead of time.

-Shop for groceries on a full stomach and don’t bring anything home that you can’t eat just one or two of.

Tips for Pro-Active Exercising

-If you exercise in the morning, lay out your gym clothes the night before.

-If you exercise after work, don’t go home first. Head for a track, a gym, a park and keep your exercise clothes and shoes and a yoga mat in your car at all times.

-Keep your Ipod or other MP3 player with you so that you always have fun, upbeat, motivating music to exercise to.

-Schedule exercise sessions into your daily calendar and program alarms to remind you in your smartphone.

-Make dates in advance to workout with friends or socialize doing a physical activity you enjoy. Bowling, ice skating, even miniature golf or bocce ball will get you moving and having fun in a social setting.

Tips for Pro-Active Sleeping

– Avoid caffeine more than 6 hours before retiring.

– Use a sleep mask to shut out as much light as possible.

– Turn off all electronics at least an hour before sleeping.

-Don’t exercise less than 2 hours before sleeping.

Commit to a healthful lifestyle with pro-active rather than re-active in your approach and wellness will be yours.

Be Well,


Wellness is a Choice

February 13, 2014

Last year my family held a surprise party in honor of my Father’s 80th birthday. The fact that my father reached this milestone is no small thing. His family history is rampant with relatives who died early deaths from heart disease. My Dad has outlived his own father by 20 years and to our knowledge he is only the second one in his family to reach 80; and,  in fact when asked to say a few words at his party, the guest of honor sheepishly admitted that he never  expected to reach 80.

In my mind it’s no accident that my Dad remains healthy at 80. When he was in his early 40s he made a pivotal shift in the way he approached his health. I’ve never asked him, but I suspect it resulted in part from the fact that his father had his first heart attack in his 40s. My Dad began running almost daily and shifted from largely meat-based meals to ones focused on seafood, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Our family steak dinners became salmon Sundays and his daily bacon and egg breakfasts were replaced by Grapenuts. In no time, Dad’s beer belly disappeared and he became very lean.

I bring up my Dad’s history to illustrate the point that wellness doesn’t just happen. Other than a very small percentage of the population who are genetically blessed and/or  genetically cursed  no matter how poorly or how well they take care of themselves, the vast majority of people are the product of the lifestyle choices they make. Sure most twenty-somethings can get away with late nights, a poor diet and irregular exercise for awhile, but by the time most are in their 40s, these unhealthful choices will likely be taking their toll.

Would my Dad have made it to 80 without the lifestyle changes he made in his 40s? Possibly, but I doubt it. Today he’s as active as ever, running  4-5 days a week, swimming 3 times a week and riding his exercise bike daily.  He’s not as careful with his diet as he used to be, but he watches his weight like a hawk and cuts back his calories or steps up his exercise if he puts on a few pounds.

Many people bemoan the lack of control in their lives, but our wellness is one thing we really do have jurisdiction over. So don’t fret if you’re over or under 40, as it’s never too late (or too early) to choose wellness.  This blog is dedicated to helping you make better wellness choices, so browse through the list of posts and arm yourself with information on adopting healthful lifestyle habits and make your own wellness a priority today.

Be Well,


You Can Now Listen to My Wellness Tips

December 14, 2010

You can now listen to my wellness tips on your computer or smartphone. Check it out my new audio wellness blog!

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