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I’ve Found Relief for My High-Arched Feet!

November 17, 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve recommended a product in this blog, but I want to tell you about a terrific athletic shoe insole I’ve just discovered that caters to people like me who have high-arched feet.

Until recently I’d not given much thought to my high-arches since my days as a young ballerina when they were a desirable thing. I remember my ballet teacher commenting that I “had a dancer’s foot”, noting my curved arch and my even-lengthed toes. Now, many years later, my high-arched feet are not as friendly as they used to be. How could they be after running thousands of miles?

High-arched feet tend to have problems because they are more rigid than feet with normal arches or low arches. Furthermore, high-arched feet tend to supinate, or turn outward, which can lead to orthopedic problems with the hips, knees and low back. I’m fortunate not to suffer from any of those, although my left foot in particular tends to supinate and I have to replace my running shoes every 5-6 weeks because after wearing the outside of my left shoe down to the nub my left hamstrings start to act up. Furthermore, the plantar fascia on the bottom of my feet tend to tighten up at night or after a long run and I’m constantly stretching them out to counteract this. I also keep a golf ball under my desk to massage the bottom of my feet when I’m at my computer and I’ve found that applying Traumeel or Topricin  homeopathic foot cream to the soles of my feet before bed helps as well.

I’ve never been one to wear orthotics or insoles as I thought I didn’t needed them. I wear a neutral running shoe and because I have to wear a 7mm heel lift in my right shoe (because of a leg-length discrepancy resulting from scoliosis) most insoles are too thick to wear along with the lift. Furthermore, I was under the misconception that because my arches were already pronounced I didn’t need any arch support. In fact, I mistakenly believed having arch support in my shoes would only exacerbate my arches.

After doing a little research for a client, however, I discovered RunPro Insoles specifically designed for high-arch profile feet. From the first few steps I found them really supportive without being hard and uncomfortable. I also like the fact that they’re not at all bulky so they fit nicely in an athletic shoe. They even made an older pair of running shoes I’d been wearing feel new again. After trying them in my cycling shoes (what a difference!!) I ordered two more pairs so I don’t have to switch them back and forth between all of my athletic shoes.

At $50 per pair they’re not cheap, but if you’re a physically active person with high arches that are causing you discomfort you may find RunPro Insoles are worth it to keep your feet happy.

Be Well,