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Celiac Disease Appears to be on the Rise

September 7, 2009

We now know that Celiac Disease (CD) strikes one in every 133 persons. But new research has found that CD has increased four-fold over the past 50 years. 

In an effort to compare gluten intolerance in populations 50 years ago with those of today, researchers took frozen blood samples from Air Force recruits 50 years ago. They found that CD is four times more prevalent today than it was in the 1950s, refuting the theory that CD is more common today because of better diagnosis.

More troubling was the finding that the recruits in whom CD was detected via the blood samples (but not diagnosed during their lifetime) were four times as likely to die an earlier death than those without the disease. Early detection is the best insurance that individuals with CD can live a long and healthy life. 

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