Ginger for Joint and Muscle Pain

I always thought it was the Omega-3 fats in the raw tuna that makes me feel so good on my run the morning after a sushi dinner. But recent research on the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger root make me think that it might be all of the pickled stuff I typically eat with Japanese food.

Already widely accepted as a natural remedy for nausea from morning or motion sickness, ginger root has now been shown to reduce exercise-induced pain by a whopping 25%. Interestingly, the researchers found that, contrary to popular belief, heat-treating ginger did not enhance its pain-relieving effects. Subjects in the study consumed capsules of raw ginger, but you can enjoy ginger in its various forms – ranging from raw to pickled to ginger tea. Eating it with a meal also aids in the digestion of your food so you obtain multiple benefits.

Doctors are catching on and even recommending ginger to their arthritis patients. My mother’s rheumatologist recently advised her to add ginger and turmeric to help reduce her joint pain. I’ll have more to say about turmeric’s other health benefits in a future post. Until then….

Be Well,


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