Wellness Coaching: Key Role in Preventative Healthcare

With doctors increasingly  squeezed for patient time and education, wellness coaching is evolving to provide a valuable liaison in preventative healthcare.

So what exactly defines a “wellness coach“? A wellness coach encourages and motivates individuals to make positive lifestyle behavior changes to improve their well-being. These changes might include exercising regularly, adopting healthier eating habits, sleeping more, and reducing stress. These changes may be life-promoting and, in some cases, even life-saving.

But wellness isn’t just the absence of disease, illness or injury. Wellness is a dynamic state where an individual’s body and mind are operating at an optimal level. Certain parameters help us gauge our wellness, including: maintaining a healthy weight, being physically fit sleeping restfully and having plenty of energy. 

As every aspect of wellness affects another, wellness coaching offers a whole-person approach. Typically a wellness coach has a multi-disciplinary background that may include nutrition, exercise physiology, physical therapy and stress management. A wellness coach applies this expertise in developing comprehensive, customized programs that best fit the needs and goals of their clients, ideally resulting in fewer doctors visits, greater productivity at work and a better overall sense of well-being.

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