Slow Down and Savor Your Food

I’m always telling my clients (and myself!!) to eat more slowly and savor and enjoy their food. I just returned from vacationing in France where I was struck by the way the French linger over a meal – even breakfast! In fact when dining out, we had to ask our servers for the check – they never hurry you to leave. The French take time to experience their food which is probably one of the reasons they have a far lower rate of obesity than Americans. That and the fact that they eat smaller portions and they walk everywhere.

Now, here is a list of  5 reasons of why slowing down to enjoy our food is so important  for both physical and emotional health. Our fast-food/fast-eating culture mirrors our fast-paced, impatient lifestyle. Perhaps slowing down the former can help us in managing the latter.

More on my gastronomic adventures in France in future posts. 

Be Well, 


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    […] much smaller bite sizes make me feel like I was eating more rather than less food, I was forced to eat more slowly.  Taking longer to eat my meals, may also account for my feeling that I was eating more when in […]

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