New Laser Technology Measures Antioxidant Levels

Recently I was invited to measure my antioxidant levels using a new laser technology that measures the cartenoids in your skin.  As a nutritionist who advocates getting as many nutrients as possible from food, I was a little skeptical in that the company that makes the laser also sells supplements. I was therefore happy to discover that my antioxidant levels were in the extremely high category so the technician didn’t bother trying to convince me that I need their nutritional products.

Frankly, from a personal health perspective I was also a bit relieved as I have celiac disease , which can impair nutrient absorption when it goes unmanaged. I went undiagnosed for many years so some of the damage to my  small intestine is probably permanent. Nevertheless, these results were very encouraging.

I think this technology can have a valuable purpose in providing a baseline measurement before a person embarks on a nutrition overhaul. But in my opinion, those whose scores reveal low cartenoid levels should focus first on increasing their antioxidant levels by eating more vegetables and fruits rather than reaching for them in a bottle.

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