Get Back Up and Start Running!

Times are tough for everyone right now. I don’t know a soul who hasn’t been adversely affected by our current economic crisis. Others are focused on even more pressing issues such as a family health crisis. While strength can come from adversity, it’s usually only in hindsight that we appreciate the grit we gain from struggling. In the fitness industry we used to say “no pain no gain” but I prefer to say “no challenge no change”. Sometimes it takes a significant challenge to facilitate necessary change in our lives.

I’ve experienced this transformation-through-tribulation process many in times in my life, but perhaps the most dramatic occurred 12 years ago. I was racing a marathon in Japan when my heel was clipped from behind on a downhill and I fell hard on my right hip and elbow.  Ironically, I had taken a similar fall on the same hip and elbow when I hit a patch of black ice while training in the dark a few months prior to the race. As I hit the ground, I was first stunned and then angry. How could I possibly have fallen again!  And, much to my dismay, no one even offered me a hand to help me up or even inquired whether I was seriously injured. Instead, when I looked up, all I saw were the backsides of runners racing away from me. 

Pumped up with adrenaline and anger, I picked myself up off the pavement and started to run and run and run until I was not only back in the race but actually the lead woman! I not only ended up winning the race I had one of the most incredible weeks of my life! But it never would’ve happened had I not gotten up from that fall. Today I am grateful for that fall – for it showed me what I was made of and it truly changed my life. It also gave me an experience that I can draw upon today when Iife knocks me down. If you’re curious, check out the post-race interview on U-Tube at

Where in your life have you fallen down lately?  Get, up, start running and get back in the race!

Be Well,


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